Organisational Consultancy

consulting for social change

I work with organisations at various stages of development including working on the effects of stress and trauma. This is particularly pertinent in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which can be seen as a widespread traumatic event that has affected individuals and organisations on a number of levels. I also want to acknowledge the Black Lives Matter and MeToo movements which have, over the last couple of years, raised issues of individual trauma in relation to systemic and structural inequalities. These are crucial to take into consideration when working with any organisation. Having come from an arts and activist background, I can offer a particular perspective that includes the importance of being able to dwell in uncertainty as well as developing concrete values, visions and goals.

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I have been facilitating workshops with organisations for a number of years now and I have just completed a Diploma in Systemic Consulting Practice in order to formalise and develop this facilitation work. This has given me a whole set of dialogic tools to use with organisations. My aim and approach are to assist people to develop agency within the organisational systems of which they are part. I am particularly interested in what this might mean for commons and cooperatively based organisations and those which are developing more horizontal and democratic structures, but happy to work with more traditional structures as well.

I am currently working as a consultant for the Boxing Club arts collective at Limehouse Town Hall, an alternative arts organisation in East London and London Community Land Trust, a large community land trust which owns several sites across London on which it is developing housing. I am also on the strategy development steering group for United Voices of the World, a grassroots trade union that represents a number of underrepresented sectors including migrant workers.

I have facilitated workshops in the arts and activist sectors for over ten years, working with trade unions, co-ops and artists’ collectives. In the UK these have included The London Renter’s Union, Precarious Workers Brigade, the Anti-University and School for Civic Action, but I have also been involved in projects in Germany and Norway. I have ongoing relationships with Coin St Community Builders and Community Assets for Society and Housing (CASH – a community land trust in South London) as well as the worker co-op community. I assisted in the writing of the Co-ops 4 London report on how new housing co-ops might be funded. I also have insider experience of community and cooperative governance having lived in a housing co-op for over fifteen years. I have sat on the Management Committee for many of those years and was Chair for four of them.